The Chronicles of Milton Frobisher
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The Chronicles of Milton Frobisher

What’s it about?

Some call Milton Frobisher a gentleman adventurer. Others say he is a mercenary, and an assassin. Each is true. Born of noble rank but with no expectation of inheritance Milton was trained by the British Secret Service, and now works as a private contractor for London’s exclusive Atlas Club.

Volume One reveals three of his many perilous escapades.

The first is a race to find a mythical creature that pitches him head-to-head with London’s most notorious criminal.

The second takes him to France, where a mysterious business opportunity reveals untold horrors hidden beneath an historic chateau.

The third finds him in Spain, where a new-found friend leads him into unexpected danger when pursued by a legendary spirit summoned from another realm.

The Chronicles of Milton Frobisher is not a book to share with your mother or your great aunt, but will deliver a delightful frisson of fear to those of a sufficiently robust disposition.

One reader said:

The Chronicles of Milton Frobisher has a gothic steampunk vibe. It is packed with action and adventure, stabbed through with violence, and sprinkled with the supernatural.

The Chronicles of Milton Frobisher has 115 pages, and is available as a Kindle Ebook. A paperback should be available soon. If you’d like to hear when it’s released, and other news about my writing, please sign up for my monthly newsletter.